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...but first ...a confession about the Biggest Stars in internet marketing and their traffic.

Your suspicions are true.... most of the biggest names you know in the industry don't use the same tired, duplicate solo ad traffic sources or agencies that everyone else does. (yes...the ones you might have already tried)


For 2 simple, but cold hard truth reasons:

Big Hitters Don't Use The Same Tired Traffic Everyone Else Does

Because they can afford better traffic sources!


As a matter of fact, the people they hire to generate these better traffic sources and make it rain high-quality traffic, clicks, leads (and money) don't even advertise and typically aren't even "available for hire" most of the year.

The only way you get to them is if you have a friend who is one of those A-list'ers (not like a Facebook friend... a friend in real life who is already raking it in) and they slip you the name of "their traffic guy".

(You practically needed a personal intro to "their traffic guy"... BEFORE they would even consider letting you buy from them)

Big Hitters Don't Use The Same Tired Traffic Everyone Else Does

Because virtually 85% of all solo ad traffic is from the SAME worn out lists!


It's an unspoken of fact, that virtually 50% of the names sold by traffic agencies and solo ad agencies.... have already been sold to someone else OR they have been used for their own business already.

Sorry... we know that both of those sting... but you deserve the truth.

Unfortunately, MOST people never discover that painful reality until they have racked up tons of debt, ran out of cashflow and lost a fortune buying traffic... without ever having built a profitable list.

And if you didn't already know all this... then hey, it's ok... IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!

We’re also ticked off about this too, because we were one of those "traffic people" that were only available to the heavy hitters... UNTIL NOW.

WARNING: What we tell you next could make us a lot of enemies... but that's ok because you're worth it!

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  • Scale your business as big as you want without sacrificing quality (you get the same high-quality traffic regardless if you get 5,000 or 5,000,000 clicks from us)
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